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Isy Goldwasser
President & CEO
Symyx Technologies
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Core Principles


Only Partner-level recruiters can attract the best candidates. The most “in demand” executives respond only to officer level recruiters they perceive to be peers, who truly understand their accomplishments and career objectives. Consequently our junior staff will never contact possible candidates for any of our clients’ search assignments, thus insuring that Aasted & Associates will continue to draw the most sought after officer-level candidates on the market.

We work on assignments until completed successfully. Every search must be referencable – without exception.

Limited Number of Concurrent Engagements

Our clients’ sense of urgency is exceeded only by our own. We work on a small number of engagements concurrently in order to complete our clients’ searches quickly, and place only the highest quality officer level candidates.

Research, Research, Research

Our research is thorough. Our clients cannot be expected to comfortably settle on a candidate unless confidant that our search has been exhaustive.

Zero Defects

We work on assignments until completed successfully. Since our inception our clients have enjoyed a 100% success rate. We ensure our clients are completely satisfied, without exception.

Risk Sharing

We are willing to place a significant part of our fee “at risk” pending successful completion.

Lean & Mean

We do not seek reimbursement of indirect, or “allocated”, costs. We translate our low overhead into industry-leading pricing.